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April 9, 2009

From Michael

Palm Sunday was an incredible day here. There were over 4200 people but it was so prayerful and spirit filled it was almost intimate. When Charlie and Al started singing “Were You There” I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.

Lots of high school students have been putting in lots of hours for the “Rise” service on Good Friday. I went to this program last year and was completely blown away. It is going to be even bigger and better this year. Can’t describe it really: music, dance, drama, poetry, even art, all in reflection of the Passion.

Speaking of the “Passion” I am going to watch the movie again this week. I haven’t seen it in about two years and I think its time.

I listened in a little last night on the music rehearsals for Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday. The music is going to be spectacular.

We are receiving 22 people into the Church at the Vigil. That is a good number for us. That is not good enough. Next year I’m thinking 50.

If you are reading this, remember three things for Easter Sunday:
1) Park at Mars Shopping Center and take the trolley-shuttle to Church.
2) Sit in one of the Video Venues (Chapel, Pavilion, Children’s wing or Theatre).
3) Smile and sing.

We are taking Sunday and Monday off and I am going to the beach.

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