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April 13, 2018

After much preparation, we are more than excited to welcome church leaders from 30 states and 10 countries to REBUILT18.

I am a big believer in conferences, especially going to conferences at a local church where you get a real feel for the people, the community and what makes it work and how it honors and serves the Lord.  Attending conferences like the Purpose-Driven Conference (Saddleback) and the Drive Conference (Northpoint) was incredibly important in my journey as a pastor and our parish experience of rebuilding. Our own conference is all about the setting, the experience, and the environment.

#1. The Setting

We are so excited to host our first ever REBUILT Conference in our brand new facility. With 1,000 attendees and over 150 volunteer ministers and staff we need lots of room, and we’ve got it. We look forward to test driving our amazing new technology too, and you can believe we’ll be pulling out all the bells and whistles we’ve got.

#2. The Experience

Our conference begins on a Monday evening, so parishes who want to check out our weekend experience can join us the day before. Our weekend provides a welcoming environment that gets parishioners excited about their faith and is at the same time compelling and attractive to the unchurched and disengaged. We have keynotes, roundtables and breakouts throughout the conference on topics such as music, technology, volunteer ministry, operations, preaching, kids and student programs, and fundraising. And we’ll be looking at every other conceivable aspect of parish life as well: check it all out on our website

#3. The Environment

People learn best in emotionally charged environments and we will engage our attendees right from the start: our staff and volunteers will be hosting all our venues, our MCs will lead through the two days with humor and incredible energy (and they’ll be granting your “wishes” too: #Rebuilt18wish)

Our key note speakers will bring wisdom, experience and insight, and our house band will be… epic.

Conference attendees will be inspired, uplifted, and renewed, as well as equipped to rebuild.

REBUILT 2018 is sold out, but you can join us online, we’ll be live streaming the keynote presentations and main breakouts.





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