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January 28, 2011

More snow than I expected ( lots more than I wanted). I’m only grateful its not on a weekend, though its timing in the middle of yesterday’s rush hour was not good either.  I do enjoy being on this campus in the snow, because it is especially beautiful. Anyway, hope you are enjoying it all and maybe a little extra margin created by all your canceled events.Take some time for God and his Word, this week’s message guide has some great readings (its available on line, just go to our web site and click “I’m a regular.”). In the softness, and the slowness and the silence created by the snow, listen to him.

Also, do not, repeat do not miss this weekend, our conclusion to our current message series, “Plan B.” We have a presentation for you that you will not soon forget. Really, very moving. Our lots and sidewalks are all clear, and the weather should be too, so make it a date and bring a friend who doesn’t have a church. 

This is going to be a very powerful weekend, be a part of it.

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