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The Countdown Begins

October 8, 2015

Matter 15 Conference is now less than a month away.

Whether you are looking for tools for widening your evangelistic reach to the unchurched, or new ways to deepen the faith of disciples already in your pews, this is a conference for everyone involved in parish leadership. In fact, there’s no other conference out there like this one.

If you’re involved in leadership with your parish or diocese, this is for you. This includes pastors, DRE’s, Faith Formation Directors, Youth Ministers, Business Managers, Operations Staff, volunteer ministers,

A few notes you might want to know:

Our speaker lineup is truly incredible, including a keynote address from Chris Stefanik, and special exclusive video presentations by Rick Warren and Patrick Lencioni. These dynamic speakers tackle all kinds of practical issues parishes face in the New Evangelization.

Our own Nativity staff is pretty great too, and they are offering a wide range of breakouts and workshops on everything from money to technology, kids and student ministry to small groups for adults, and the list goes on and on. There is nothing you do in parish ministry that we won’t be handling in this conference. Besides the keynotes and breakouts we’ll be enjoying awesome music and having some fun too.

If you’ve attended Matter 13 or 14 please know 15 is not a “repeat.” We’ve got new workshops and all of our keynotes are original.

But, October 26 is the last day you can register. Let me repeat. October 26 is the last day you can register.

There’s nothing we dislike more than having to turn people away because it’s too late or we are filled up, but every year we do. Don’t be one of those! We want to share what we know with you, and we want you to share what you know with us. We’re all on the same team.

Sign up now online at matterconference.tv

But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself what our friends thinks:

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