The Countdown Continues

October 1, 2011

Even now, take your stand

and see this great thing

which the Lord will do before your eyes.

1 Samuel 12:16

The goodness and the grace of God continue to be poured out daily for those who love and serve him. It is a grace and blessing to be a part of all the good and great things the Lord is doing here at Nativity.

This weekend we wrap up our current series, all about taking responsibility for your life.  Bottom line, and final point of the whole series, God not only wants us to take responsibility for our stuff, he wants us to take responsibility for others too, just like he did.  With that in mind, this coming Sunday evening we will be posting a special announcement, that comes with a unique opportunity.  And it will be exclusively available here on this site.  Don’t miss it, hold on and see the great thing that the Lord is going to do before your very eyes…2 days to go.

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