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February 23, 2012

There is so much going on at Nativity this weekend; you do not want to miss it.  And you do not want to miss this opportunity to bring a friend (who doesn’t have a church) to church, or invite them to join us online this Sunday at 10:30am or 5:30pm.  This will be the perfect weekend to make an invitation.

First of all, we are kicking off a new series, one of the biggest and most important of the year.  “Highly Favored” is taking up the consideration of the beauty and truth of grace.  This is an incredible reality in our world and in our lives.  But how many people miss out on it entirely, misunderstand its presence and power, deny that presence and power, or simply live their lives indifferent to it? God wants us to live lives full of grace, grace-filled lives.  God wants us to be his highly favored children.  This series is all about accepting that invitation.

Because we’re starting a new series we’ll also be introducing a new musical program that is really outstanding (I heard some of the rehearsals).  Your guest will really enjoy it and you’ll find it inspiring (and hopefully sing-able) too. So sing!

This weekend is the first in Lent, a season of prayer, penance and giving, which is all about renewal…our renewal.  We’ll be giving you some practical tips on how to make good use of this season and move forward in your walk with God.

This weekend we’ll also be introducing new message series in all our kids and student programs too.  As usual, they’ll be paralleling the message adults hear, and the ones used in our Small Group Program.  That way everyone’s on the same page, growing in the same direction.  To learn more about these programs, go to our home page and then click “kids and students.”

This weekend we’re providing more information about our Easter celebration at the Maryland State Fair.  Sunday, April 8 2012 is going to be a very special day in the life of this congregation.  We want you to start thinking about it and planning for it now so we’ll be talking about it this weekend.

Don’t miss this weekend!

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  1. I have to say that this past Sunday’s message about Grace was probably one of the most spot-on, moving messages I have ever heard Father White give….I cannot wait to listen to it again when it is posted and share it with others. Thank you for such a beautiful message.

  2. I missed the sermon of 03/04 and do not seem to be able to find the video of it. Can someone tell me where to click on to hear and see it.

    Thank you.

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