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Three Reasons to Skip the Rebuilt Conference (and why they’re wrong)

October 29, 2019

This week our early bird registration for our amazing  church conference in April comes to a close. In talking to church leaders I’ve heard incredible excitement about Rebuilt 2020. I’ve also heard push back from others. Take a look…

1) “I’ve already attended a Rebuilt Conference in the past.”

We know what it’s like to work in a parish.  The idea that “Sunday is always coming” isn’t just an idea, it’s a reality that weighs on us daily.  Sometimes, we let our ministry become entirely driven by that pressure without lifting our heads up out of the weeds to take a fresh look at the big picture.

Rebuilt2020  is not about repeating content you’ve heard before. It’s about refreshing and renewing you and your team, as well as equipping and inspiring you for fresh efforts and new initiatives.

You’ve been to a Rebuilt Conference before?  Great!  Encouragement isn’t just a one-time thing.  Renewal and rebuilding aren’t one and done exercises. What you’re doing in your parish is a long term effort. Come again, bring your team or bring new people from your parish who want to learn more and grow. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Rebuilt2020 will have keynotes from two new speakers (Curtis Martin, founder of FOCUS, and Jeff Henderson, lead pastor of Gwinnett Church, one of the fastest-growing churches in the country).  Nearly all breakouts have been updated to fit today’s context, culture, and technology, and lots of new speakers. Great music, great food, what’s not to want to come back for.

2) “I thought it was only for priests.”

We get this a lot.  People seem to think that a church conference is only for priests.  Rebuilt2020 is absolutely for them.  But, we’re also for anyone who has a passion to rebuild their parish.  Rebuilt is for your parish staff, your parish leadership, your Pastoral Council, your Financial Council, your youth group members, parents, school administrators, and more! God is calling all of us to reach the unchurched. 

We’ve found that the more people a parish brings to the conference, the more they take home to their parish.  By bringing a variety of staff, clergy, and parish leaders, you can attend a variety of breakout sessions and immediately put your new knowledge to use by sharing with the rest of your group.  Plus, when more leaders in your parish catch your vision, it makes implementation and change exponentially easier. That can happen when you bring your team to the conference.

3) “My parish doesn’t plan that far in advance, besides we can’t afford it anyway.”

We understand that times are hard for many parishes – and we aren’t just talking about a lack of funds.  It feels like parish staff are busier than ever before and there are fewer volunteer ministers to pick up the slack.  However, we consider Rebuilt2020 to be an investment in your parish.  By investing your time and resources into this conference, there will be fruitful return, in many ways, including potentially, financially. In view of our recently published book, ChurchMoney, there will be special breakouts devoted to giving and stewardship.

If you register by October 31st, you’ll get a discounted registration price of $199 (and it even includes lunch, snacks and drinks).  This price is only available until October 31st so now is the time to register.

Can’t wait to see you at Rebuilt 2020.

For more information and registration check it out at

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