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Three Weeks and Counting #newchurchcountdown

August 22, 2017

For the next few weeks my blog will be introducing readers to our new church facility so that when we move in you feel right at home!

We’ll begin in the “East Lobby.” Where in the world is the East Lobby you might ask? Well, it’s literally east of the new, main lobby, regulars will recognize it as the Old “Great Hall.”

When originally built, about 12 years ago, this space was intended to provide easy access to our kids and student programs, and wide open space for easy traffic flow. Very quickly though, as the parish grew, it started doubling as a video venue, densely clogged with chairs.

Well, the chairs will disappear and we’re giving the place a facelift as we return it to its original purpose. Entering the old front doors and proceeding thru the former main lobby, the East Lobby is where you can check in for all our kids and student programs. And it’s one stop check-in, no matter how many kids you have or what programs they’re in. Information and host ministers will always be available to help you out.

Kids 6 weeks to 4 years go to “ALL STARS,” in bright and safe new rooms in our kid’s wing. “Quest” is what we’re calling our kids small groups and kindergarten kids to grade 3 will love it. “Quest” will also be located in our kid’s wing. Kids in Grades 4 & 5 now graduate to a new program just for them we’re calling “Ignite.” “Ignite” will meet on Sunday mornings in the old Cafe Vista.

You can learn more about our kids programs, including schedule and times, and you can register online.

Besides “Ignite,” Café Vista, which we’re renaming The Pavilion, will be the place for parish meetings and smaller events.

One of the most frequently asked questions we’ve been asked since announcing we’re building a new church is what are we going to do with the old one. Glad you asked! With some retooling the old church is fast becoming our new Theatre. On Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings its where kids, grades 1-5 can join Time Travelers, our children’s Liturgy of the Word program. Our Middle School Program, Resurrection, will meet there on Sunday evenings, and high school students will gather in the Theatre for “Uprising” on Thursday nights.

More information about all those programs is available on our web site.

We’re also taking a portion of the old church and refashioning it as a Chapel. It will be available for quiet prayer before and after all weekend Masses, it’s where we’ll offer daily Mass during the week and celebrate smaller services too.

You can find the chapel just off the East Lobby.

Three weeks…and counting.

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