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September 26, 2014

We have all heard it said that timing is everything. And when it comes to God’s timing, it’s perfect. In the Bible, the prophet Habakkuk understood that well. He speaks words of hope and inspiration to God’s people, amidst a period filled with daunting challenges. Despite the difficulties, Habakkuk sees God poised and ready to undertake a powerful, new work.

In our own challenging times, the work of God is evident and abundant here at Nativity. The evidence is all around us in vibrant worship and dynamic children and student programs; life changing small group fellowship and world changing mission and ministry outreach. The abundance comes in the rich yield of our evangelization efforts.

For some time now it has been clear to me and our parish leadership that now is our time, the time for our church community to move forward to the next level of service on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ. After several years of careful strategic planning and prayer, led by our own parish leaders, an inspiring vision of what our parish can look like has emerged. It is a vision to boldly honor and serve God by joining in the new work he is doing: advancing the movement of Christ’s kingdom in our generation.

This past spring we launched this vision for the entire parish and sought input and support, especially financial and prayerful support. The response was unprecedented and continues, as does the planning and the prayer.

That is why, all this weekend we are providing campaign updates after all weekend Masses. I am grateful to Ed Bradley, our Parish Council President, to provide this update and invite you to join us, in the main sanctuary, immediately after whatever Mass you choose to attend. You can also join us in prayer on Sunday afternoon (and every Sunday afternoon, from 1-4pm, in the Chapel for Eucharistic Adoration). And, if you have not yet made a commitment to the campaign this weekend is a perfect opportunity to step forward in leadership and commitment to what God is doing among us.

To learn more visit www.nativityvision.tv


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