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What Would You Do (for God) if You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?

February 1, 2014

That is an interesting question, which I once heard Pastor Perry Noble ask, and answer. It was actually a friend of his who asked him the question originally and his answer was “start a church.” Which is exactly what he did, planting what is now easily one of the largest, fastest growing churches in the country.

What would you do for God, if you had no fear of failure?

Pray and worship more?

Give more?

Serve more?

Invite a friend to church?

Give witness to your faith?

Love more?

For a long time now, our parish leaders have been leading an extensive process of study and planning to create a Master Campus Plan to accommodate the people that are already coming to our church and allow us to continue to grow. This week marked an important threshold of sorts, as we sat down with the Archbishop and walked him through the plan.  His approval (which we received) as well as his support (which we already had) is the green light to go. Soon we will be sharing the plan with the whole parish.

But, as we stand on this threshold, I feel my comfort level falling. It is easy to talk and plan behind closed doors, it is safe to simply discuss and theorize about what could be, or should be. It is a whole different deal to step forward in front of thousands of people, as I will be doing soon, and saying “This is what we are doing, this is where we are going, here’s the plan.”

As I was thinking about that this week, Pastor Perry’s question came to mind. If I knew I couldn’t fail, this plan that we have planned is exactly what I would do. So, how can I not do it. If it’s God’s plan it cannot fail, and if it’s not it deserves to.

This weekend we are launching a new series called “Tough Love.” It is a perfect time to consider what would you do for God, in your family, in your relationships, with your money, with your time….if you knew you couldn’t fail.

Think about it.







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  1. Hello Father White, I bought your book “Tools” before it was sold to the public for my friend LTCOL Siaki and I asked you to autograph it for her. When she came here to visit before book #2 but during book 1 she was very impressed with Nativity . She was and is still active in her catechism ministry and has told me that when she was in Afghanistan she had helped convert more than 30 soldiers to the Catholic faith. She told me that she has used some of the ideas in your book in teaching cathechism at Ft Lewis /Mc cloud Army Airforce base in Washington where she is right now.I have read boh books and like both and happy that we have these tools to help us and other churches as well. Thank you to you and Tom for writing it. God bless.

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