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Christmas Countdown: 2 Days

December 24, 2012

Two more days of preparation for Christmas. This penultimate post is all about the single most important element in our service, when it comes to the experience of the service: music. Music determines how people feel in church.  And expectations are very high when it comes to Christmas Eve because Christmas and music go together.

We put a lot of effort and, frankly, expense into music because we recognize how important it is.

At this point we have two house bands that lead worship at all our weekend masses. And they play contemporary Christian music. But on Christmas Eve most people want a more traditional approach and we agree. The music of the Mass will be lead by a full choir and small orchestra (actually, not that small). All of the beloved music of the season will be included, “Silent Night,” “O Come All Ye Faithful,” “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.” I must acknowledge that we do not include “O Holy Night,” that kind of stuff.  This always gets mentioned, so let me just say it up front…no “O Holy Night.”  I know I am alone on the planet when it comes to this, but I do not like “O Holy Night.” Sorry.

Besides the music at Mass, our house band members will be with us too, providing contemporary sounds before Mass.  We are actually expanding this feature of the service, so please join us…come early, get a great seat and enjoy some great music.  The band will start playing at 3:30 for the 4pm Mass and 5:15 for the 5:30 Mass.

O, and don’t forget to sing.

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  1. I love the traditional music and the orchestra at the Cow palace but one year would love to hear contemporary
    Christmas music by house band. They have done an outstanding job this past year – especially with Advent. O come O come Emmanuel was beautifully updated but kept some of the traditional flair. They really do an amazing job and you’re right- music sets the mood and how people feel at mass. My teenager sings at mass at Nativity and I notice
    A lot of other teens singing too. Merry Christmas! I can’t wait for Christmas Eve mass.

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