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Christmas Countdown: 3 Days

December 22, 2012

Shortly I am off to the fairgrounds to survey the work that has been done today. That is my contribution…I comment on other people’s efforts after they’re done. It’s a very important part of the process.

However, before I leave I wanted to update my Christmas countdown, with another look into our Christmas Eve Celebration.  Today I want to talk about the message.

I actually am not at the fairground these days helping out because I am preparing my message (also called the Homily).

This year our message series for Advent has been all about miracles, and usually the series is a build up for the Christmas Eve message. Same this year: we’ve been talking about miracles and that will be the Christmas Eve message: “Expect Miracles.”

As with most message efforts, our messages are a collaboration.  The Christmas message starts talking shape in the summertime, when we make a decision on the Advent series. In October Tom, my associate, begins researching the topic and giving it the broad strokes. These are discussed in our message team (Tom, Chris and me) through the fall.

As we work our way through the Advent series, I am pulling out material I would like to see in the Christmas message itself. About two weeks ago Tom gave me his final draft and I began looking at it. Last week I dug into it, as I usually do with his drafts, and made it my own.  Following the tragedy in Newtown we went back and somewhat changed the tone, and some of the examples. Then starting last Monday I pretty much went full time on the message prep. It’s going very well.

By the way, Saturday, after Mass (around 6:20pm) I am presenting the message to a small circle of invited guests, in order to receive their feedback. They actually don’t give it to me directly, they give it to Tom so that they feel free to make the comments that are on their mind.  As a loyal blog reader, you are welcome to join us. I’d love to hear your feedback and gain your perspective.

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  1. Regarding your ask for ideas for Christmas Eve Mass ..I think it should invve our Parish children ..maybe have them make heart pictures or snowflakes today and tomorrow in Sunday school class and then on Christmas eve they could be collected from a selected (26) children to place at the alter and then sent to the Parish in Newtown..I know this is complex Idea but maybe it will take a Miracle to pull it together

  2. Wishing everyone at Nativity a beautiful Christmas! I hope you will share your Christmas message on-line with the virtual Extended Nativity community!

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