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Christmas Countdown: 6 Days

December 19, 2012

Today we began the move to the Fairgrounds. The jumbo-tron on York Road in front of the Fair now announces our presence and our event.

Once there we took possession of the Cow Palace and got to work (by “we,” of course, I mean not “me” but a lot of other people under the direction of Barry, our weekend director).  If you’ve ever been to the Cow Palace you know it is huge. But with nothing in it and all the intense overhead lights on (which will not be on Christmas Eve) it just looks too big.

And yet, even within a couple of hours the talented people who are coordinating the decorating (led by Alison from our staff, one of the very few people I would ever trust with how the place is going to look) it was starting to take shape.

This year the color scheme is white and blue, as in wintery ice and snow…two things we hope not to actually have on Christmas Eve. Not sure what every thing is going to look like yet but I saw plans for the lobby and it is going to be a beautiful destination, and your guests will know they are part of something special as soon as they step inside.

Which brings up my real point in today’s post. Who are you inviting to Christmas Eve at the Fairgrounds?  It is not too late. While some people make their plans months in advance, there are thousands of unchurched people in north Baltimore who have no idea what they’re doing for Christmas Eve. So invite them. It is going to be beautiful and will make their Christmas.


Last evening, in my daily countdown to Christmas, I noted that we really want to commemorate the victims of Newtown Connecticut somehow in our celebration. And I asked for suggestions. Several have been received, good ones too.

If you have any ideas, let us know, you can post here or directly to my office: kcaddick@churchnativity.tv

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