Focused Intensity

July 23, 2009

From Tom

This summer, my wife and I are working on cleaning our attic. Over time it has become pretty cluttered and we both can’t take it anymore and are working to clean it up. We have started a few times on the project, but have failed. The problem has been a lack of focus and a lack of intensity. We have been just trying to clean it up here and there, only for it to fall back into disarray. Maintenance can be done by drips at a time, being like an ant. But if you want to make major progress, either to dig yourself out of a hole or to make major strides forward in an area of your life, it take intensity of focus. You have to run and run hard.

Dave Ramsey, a Christian counselor who helps people get out of debt says, “Momentum is focused intensity over time.” We gain areas of life when we are able to focus our energies on a specific area over a long period of time.

Focused intensity is tough. Jogging a couple of time on a football field is easy, but try running a series of 100 yard sprints and it will wear you out. It is tough to be focused and pour energy into one thing. It takes discipline, because you do get tired and when you are tired you get distracted by other tasks you want done, which can be easy to start but difficult to finish.

In the summer months, I think it as excellent time to cultivate focused intensity. Less is going on and so it is a great time to focus on a few key areas and set yourself up for success for the coming fall season. I am trying to focus on the messages for the year. So far I would give myself a C plus. I guess I better get focused and intense.

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