Taking Responsibility

September 15, 2011

Last weekend, our fall launch weekend was a blockbuster, with almost 4,000 people in attendance. God also showed up and the place was definitely charged with his Spirit.  Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make it happen.

Now, I can’t wait for this weekend.  We’re in the second week of our series about taking responsibility.

Responsibility is accountability for the obligations we’ve taken, it’s honoring the boundaries and rules we’ve been given. It’s paying your debts, discharging your duties, fulfilling your commitments. Showing up on time and doing your job.

Irresponsibility is the failure to do those things. Irresponsibility is difficult to recognize: I can see yours and you can see mine, but we can’t see it in the mirror. At the same time it is attractive to us, because it brings rewards. Unfortunately, they’re only and always short term rewards.  And meanwhile it can stir up conflict with the people around us.  Irresponsibility will always lead us into conflict, as well as other problems.

We have been created by God to be responsible, and we’re generally happiest and most fulfilled when we’re acting that way. Responsibility feels good, that’s how God made us to be.

Responsibility should find its roots in our relationship with God and daily refreshment in prayer. Together with God we should be reviewing, renewing, and recommitting ourselves to our responsibilities at home and work, in our church family, at school or wherever they are. It’s a daily deal.

And here’s why this is so important, beyond feeling good and doing the right thing. Our responsibilities, great or modest, have been given to us by God and we’ve got to lift them up and carry them forward.  Because that is how, specifically, our character is developed and formed. And our character is our single most valuable possession.  Its what we get to take with us to heaven.

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