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June 27, 2013

“As always, faithful blog reader, you will be the first to learn what’s new and what’s next at Nativity.

Currently we are all about getting ready for the coming 2013-2014 year, which for us begins in September. We’re putting in place our schedule, shaping our message series, and setting our goals. As is always the case in the summertime, we’re also undertaking some building projects to better accommodate you next fall. And along with all that, this summer we’re looking at staff transitions and expansion.  Here are some positions we’re looking to fill or add:

Chief of Staff/Staff Pastor

This is a new position and it will be an important one. Over the course of the past few years our staff has grown quickly. While that has been a wonderful blessing it has also brought challenges. We don’t have proper procedures, regular schedules, consistent policies, reliably consistent communication; we’ve struggled to understand what meetings we want and need (and who should be at the table for which meetings). In the process, feelings are hurt, people overlooked, and morale damaged. We have a great team, but we sometimes struggle to work together.

And neither Tom nor I are any good at any of this. As Tom likes to say, we’re product people. We need a process person, who is also a people person to compliment our efforts, bringing the staff together and making sure they’re focused, motivated, and accountable for their ministry goals.

The Chief of Staff will advance the parish’s mission and values, as well as the pastor’s vision and strategy throughout the organization. This person will sit on our Strategic Leadership Team, Parish Council and Financial Council. This will be a full time position, with some weekend work hours involved, (typically Sunday mornings) reporting directly to me.

Executive Assistant to the Pastor

My current assistant, Kellie, is great, but her personal schedule is changing and she needs to step aside from some of her current duties (though she will remain on staff to coordinate special projects, like our upcoming conference). Plus Kellie is only part time, and this position has grown into a full time one.

This position reports to Tom and me. Usually a Monday – Friday, 9-5 kind of deal, some weekend presence will be requested from time to time.

Coordinator/Director of Small Groups

Two years ago we added this part time position to our staff, and in the interim Jack Bovaird  has taken the program to the next level. Jack is stepping down and we are eager to extend our gratitude for his leadership. We are also eager to capitalize on what he has accomplished moving forward. This position is, first and foremost, a kind of pastor to the small group leaders. Also involved are administrative functions and coordination with our message team on curriculum and resources. Currently, this is a part time position, but we are also open to upgrading it to full time, if the right person is available. This position reports to the Adult Oval Leader with a responsibility to work weekends.

Director of Adult Ministry

Any one who knows anything about Nativity knows Maria Folsom-Kovarik, our former director of adult ministry. Maria decided to step down from this position in order to pursue other opportunities.  She plans to stick around and remain a part of our parish, just not on staff. Unfortunately for us, the phenomenal job Maria has done makes this role hard to fill. This will be a full time position, reporting to the Adult Oval Team Leader, with work hours on Saturdays and Sundays. The job includes the cultivation and care of Ministry Leaders, the oversight of administration for all adult ministries and ministers, and the strategic development of adult ministry.

We are looking to fill these positions this summer or early fall. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in any of these roles and would like to review the job descriptions just click the tab above that says “We’re Hiring”.  If you or someone you know would like to be considered for one of our staff positions, please email your cover letter and resume to Kellie: kcaddick@churchnativity.tv

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