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A Big Weekend

March 12, 2011

This is a very big weekend for us here at Nativity.  

We are kicking off a new message series, that I have been wanting to do for more than a year now. Its called “Catholic Atheist” and its all about believing in God and then acting like we don’t. It is going to be a great series and I think it will touch a lot of hearts (and probably irritate a few people too).  We’re also launching really promising new series for our student and kids programs this weekend, as we celebrate the first Sunday of the season of Lent.  

This weekend we’re featuring our Nativity/Nigeria mission and letting you know about ways to get involved here at home or on mission in West Africa.  

But the biggest news of the weekend is the launch of our online campus “Live!” It gets started on Sunday at 10:30am, same time as our service here at church, and follows a similar pattern: greeting and introduction, worship and then the message, though it is an intentionally more casual environment than our church and does not include the celebration of Mass.  The music and the message will be the same heard here in church, I will be there, Al Walsh and the band will be there, Chris Wesley will serve as host. There will also be a chat feature, you can log in and exchange greetings, ideas, ask questions, request prayers. 

The online campus is not a substitute for Mass, we’re not encouraging people to stay away from church (as I was recently accused by one lady). The purpose is a place where people who aren’t going to church can connect with their savior in the community of believers.  It gives our parishioners the opportunity to invite unchurched friends and family to “church” even though we are maxed out on our Ridgely Road campus.  When an unchurched person begins to have a positive experience of the community of believers (perhaps for the first time in their lives) they are far more likely, not less, to actually consider coming to church one day.

We will be offering this service through June, so invite your unchurched friends to join us, and plan to give it a try yourself.  There will also be a rebroadcast of the Sunday service each Wednesday at 7pm. 

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  1. I am a nurse and have to work a weekend a month – sometimes more – and this is GREAT for me to still feel connected as I enjoy hearing your message each week. Thanks so much Father White for all you do! We are blessed to have you!

  2. I made a commitment to myself to come to Church every Sunday in Lent. Catholic Atheism really hit home. I decided to give prayer a try so each day on my way to work, I start a conversation with God. For 15 minutes, I turn off the radio and talk out loud to God by beginning and ending with the Our Father. Boy, if that didn't feel strange the first time. But you know what? Now I can't wait to have my special time with God and let him in my life. It still feels a little awkward sometimes but it is getting more and more comfortable and I know God is listening. I am trying to close the gap between my words of faith and my actions of faith. Thanks Father White.

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