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Catholic Atheist Week II

March 19, 2011

We are getting ready to celebrate the Second Sunday in Lent and the second week of our new message series, Catholic Atheist.  I am really excited about the message this week, because its such an important topic.  Prayer.  How often do we say we believe in God and then fail to pray, how often do we turn to prayer as a final, desperate measure instead of a daily conversation?

Conversation is really what its all about. I was reading this week that it is no etymological fluke that “conversation” and “conversion” have the same roots in Latin.  Throughout our lives our conversations change us and move us and, sometimes, convert us. The root connection between the two words tells us an important truth.  

Verto, vertere, versi, versus are Latin forms of the verb “turn.”  Adding con makes the verb mean “to turn with” or “to go in a new direction.”  In conversation with God we’re going in a new direction and it is a conversion.  Prayer is an ongoing conversion.

Anyway, that’s what we’re talking about this weekend. Be sure and join us, invite a friend who doesn’t have a church to church, or invite them to our online campus.  Don’t forget that “Live!” Nativity Online Campus broadcasts a full worship service, including the same music and message we hear in church and offers a live chat room hosted by Tom Corcoran and Chris Wesley.  The broadcast starts at 10:30am EST and for our launch last Sunday we had about 150 people join us.  I think that was an amazing start, but we definitely want to grow our online congregation, so please invite your friends and family.  The broadcast also airs on Wednesday evenings at 7pm too.

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