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October 20, 2016

This week’s blog is an update on our building project and campaign here at Nativity.

Most of what has been going on is difficult to appreciate, because you can’t see it. In fact, quite a lot of work has been done on site work, especially as regards meeting requirements for storm water management and sediment control. We have continued installing underground mechanical and electrical, as well as supplying water to the site. The underground work has been frustrating at times, and we have experienced a few setbacks when it comes to discovering some “unsuitable” soils. Even though our team has budgeted the time and resources for these kinds of discoveries, pray we don’t find other issues that slow down progress.

That being said, the building “footings” are nearly complete and this week the concrete “pour” of the building’s “slab” has begun. That work started in the future lobby and really provides a feel for what that space will become. We will be pouring concrete in the sanctuary and cafe next week. We are very excited about this new space for worship and ministry. It’s designed to be both functional and beautiful, a place built to communicate our church’s mission to love and serve God and others.

Come November, we should have a rather impressive crane on site to begin raising the steel superstructure. Then the shape of the building will really begin to emerge in a way that will be easy to appreciate.

The big news this weekend however, is the grand opening of our new parking lot. We are so excited because this lot, on what had been a scruffy and overgrown area on the north side of our campus, really represents the completion of phase one of our Vision Building Campaign. Our newly expanded parking lot is paved and landscaped and looks beautiful!

Actually, few things sound more prosaic and less romantic than a parking lot, but it’s a huge part of ministry. I recently visited a parish where all the best parking spaces were very clearly reserved for the pastor, the assistant pastor, etc, etc. That ensures that visitors and new comers are reminded that members get special treatment and they don’t belong. That is exactly backwards.

Our new parking lot is all about visitors and newcomers. Even as we celebrate this accomplishment we will continue to challenge parishioners and regulars to park off campus: at the Mars lot and walk to church, or at the Lutherville Light Rail and take the shuttle.

As far as our ongoing Vision Campaign, we are blessed with continued and robust support from parishioners. But, there is more work to be done and we seek to raise as much as we can and borrow as little as necessary. To learn more visit our Vision web site: Vision page.

Bottom line: we are ahead of schedule, on budget, and, to date, have not borrowed anything. Not a bad place to be.

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