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What’s New at Nativity: 10 Things Happening Now

October 13, 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a post about what’s new here at Nativity, but not for a lack of topics. So much is new and exciting around here, it’s hard to know where to start. Here’s the run down, in no particular order.

#1. New Invitations and Initiatives

This fall we’re looking to help more parishioners take their next steps. “Just for 10” is a small group program in which people commit to give a group a try for just 10 weeks. The

weekend of November 5 & 6 we’re hosting ministry information sessions after all Masses to help people understand how they can serve. Nativity Missions announced last weekend their mission trips for 2017 and has begun taking applications. And, of course, we’ll be hosting our Annual Stewardship Sunday the weekend before Thanksgiving, inviting everyone to grow as givers.

#2. A New Book

We’re happy to announce the release of The Rebuilt Field Guide: Ten Steps for Getting Started (Ave Maria Press, 2016). Our Field Guide is a step-by-step manual for parish staffs and councils or any parishioner interested in helping their parish grow healthier. The Guide presents ten “go at your own pace” exercises that cover everything from music and ministry to evangelization and mission. Make sure to grab a copy for your parish through our wonderful publishers at Ave Maria Press or you can always find it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. We will be introducing here at Nativity at the end of this month.

#3. A New CD

This weekend we will be introducing a first ever CD from our student band. It’s titled “lift up,” I’ve listened to the entire CD and it is outstanding. It’s not just good for a student band, its good.

#4. A New Website

Just a couple weeks ago our new parish website went live. You can check it out here. So much time and hard work, not to mention creativity, went into this project by our staff- over a year in the making. It’s designed to be simple, elegant, and user friendly while providing all the resources and features parishioners, parents, and visitors need to participate in our church’s life and ministry.

#5. A New TV Show

The Rebuilt Show is now airing on CatholicTV. If you don’t get the channel you can also live stream it from CatholicTV’s website. Filmed right here on our Nativity campus, the show features members our staff sharing tips and strategies for effective ministry as well as personal stories of transformation from our parishioners in a segment called “View From the Pew.” We hope it’s both inspiring and practical for parishes. New episodes air Monday’s at 9:30pm and check listings for rebroadcasts throughout the week.

#6. A New Announcement Format

We are really pleased with our new format for video announcements before weekend Masses. We call it the “5 Be 4” and it’s where we count down the five most important things for people to know in any given week. The new format is intended to be fresher, more focused, and a much more engaging presentation. Check it out on our new website.

#7, 8, 9. A New Parking Lot, a New Shuttle and a New Path

In two weeks time, the weekend of October 22 & 23rd, we’re christening our new, and most beautiful parking lot. This is a most significant threshold for us, marking the completion of Phase One of our Vision Building Campaign. Along with all this new parking for visitors and guests we have two other opportunities for our parishioners when it comes to parking. The first is a shuttle service on Sunday morning from the Lutherville Light Rail Station. This is probably the easiest way to park at Nativity. Another option is to park at the former Mars Supermarket, just around the corner, and walk to church. To make that experience more attractive, in the next couple of months we’re upgrading the path from Mars.

#10. And…a New Church

Well…. not quite yet. But we’ve made a lot of progress. Since groundbreaking in April, our church campus has been one big construction site. This week marks a most auspicious milestone with the “pour” of the foundation. We are still on target for a completion date sometime in late fall of 2017

You can read about the whole process and story of the new sanctuary at our Vision site here.


Other than that there’s not much going on.


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